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The Ellene Ashcraft Membership Medley

This yearly exhibition highlights the artistic talents of members of Blue Line Arts and will include a range of mediums, including painting, photography, mixed media, ceramics, pastel and more. This year, Blue Line Arts received its largest participation from members, with over 150 artworks to go on display.


Includes artwork from the following artists:
Patricia Abraham, Lorette Alves, Randy Anderson, Michelle Andres, Don Antram, Janet Arendt, Charles Asher, Ritu Atwal, Kenneth Baker, Jacob Barker, Alan Craig Barnard, Troy Barry, Samuel Bassett, Diane Bell, L. Ray Bingham, Stanley Bollinger, C. Budd, John Campbell, Rhonda Campbell, Jackie Carroll, Tom Caswell, Judy Catambay, Margaryta Chaplinska, Lacey Christiansen, Kaitlyn Clark, Tonia Colleen, Amy Cooper, Michael Corlew, Kathleen Cox, Kristine Crane, Vincent DiLeo, Judy Dillon, Pam Dixon, Trina Drotar, Carol Duarte, Joan Dyer, Marsha Elam, Darlene Engellenner, Donna Piches Estridge, Leah Florence, Chris Foster, Karen Calden Fulk, Colleen Giorgi, Leon Glasgow, Susan Goodmundson, Marie Gonzales, Cameron Gremmels, Christopher Grimes, Clara Grisanegra, Holly Grubbs, Debbie Gualco, Ron Hall, Ruth Hall, Don Hall, Valene Hardman, Shirley Hazlett, Ken Heiden, Imi Lembrock-Hirschinger, Yvonne Hogan, Susan Hogg, Diane Honegger, Otto Honegger, Randy Honerlah, Erin Hopkins, Shannon Hulley, Nora Marie Jackson, Elma Jella’, Doric Jemison-Ball, Ursula Johnson,  John Johnson, Craig Johnson, Aaron Johnson, John M. Kennedy, Barbara Killeen, Georg Kickinger, Marjan Kluepfel, Lisa Lancaster, Jennifer Landau, Joan Landry Lasak, James Hirschinger, Linda Lenard, Lang Lew, Kevin Linn, Serena Linn, Mya Louw, Dania Lukey, Ingrid Lundquist, Keli Lydell, Michael Madrid, Kathy Manthei Coulson, Rene Martucci, Kris Marubayashi, Barbara Maurizi, Michele McCormick, Susan McNally, Bobbi Mercouri-Willis, Gabriela Michanie, Jack Mix, Jeanette Morrow, Carilyn Moyer, Christine Muratore, Deanna Nardi, Judi Nicholson,  Barbara Noble, Patricia Northrup, Zoran Peshich, Charleen Pflueger, Nancy Phillips,  Susan Poirier, Bobbie Powell, Susan Raines, Max Redpath-Kennedy, Bill Reed, Blue Reid,  Emilie Righetti, Jacinto Rivera, Stephanie Rococha, Lincoln Rogala, Nancy Salerno, Noel Sandino, Margo Scarpulla, Lin Schiffner, Jeanne Schmidt, Corbin Schmidt, George Schreiter, Terry Shearn, Mo Shi, Colleen Sidey Yerian, Elana Sigal, Kiki Silva, Michael D. Smith, Judy Sowa, Brian Spence, Larisa Stevenson, Gayle Roger Streff, Joe Strickland, Meghan Sullivan, Trisa Swerdlow, Scott M. Taylor, Craig Telles, Randy Thacker, Leslie Thompson, Michaela Tupy, Linda Waddle, Victoria Weller, Maria Winkler, Martha Wolfe, Jenny Wren,  Judy Yemma, Bryan Yerian, Nancy Zberg-Jennings.


July 16 – August 16

3rd Saturday Reception July 19th & August 16th (6-7 Members Only) 7-9 Public

Live Music from 'The Jazz Company'

''Highland No 10'' Donna Piches Estridge



'Majestic Blooms' Debbie Gualco



'Cool Dip in Venice' Nora Jackson



Eli & Edythe Broad Children's Gallery Eli & Edythe Broad Children's Gallery

Mini Members


Our member's make up a major part of our efforts here at the organization. To highlight not only the older artists in the family, we present to you an exhibit showcasing the artistic children of our members!


July 16 – August 16

3rd Saturday Reception July 19th & August 16th (6-7 Members Only) 7-9 Public

Live Music from 'The Jazz Company'

What's Ahead

Pastel Society of the Westcoast February 27 – April 5, 2014

America's ClayFest II April 17 – May 31, 2014

Mid-Century Madness - Featuring Randy Brennan & Sean Christopher June 5th – July 12th, 2014
Ellene Ashcraft Membership Medley July 18th – August 16th, 2014
Politically Charged September 4th – October 4th, 2014
Plates & Totems October 16th – November 18th, 2014

Prints from Smith Andersen Editions November 26th – January 3rd, 2015


Call to Artists for the Following:

Politically Charged!

Art Bra Show

2014 Holiday Sale

30 x 30

Crocker Kingsley Competition

Art in Public Places

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Artz for Alzheimer's

Creat a Plate

Open Competition

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